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People v. Kevin Mills: CASE DISMISSED!

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When I needed direction as a witness in a legal case, I called Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden. When I suffered injuries after being rear-ended in my car, I called Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden. When I was running for mayor and needed legal consultations about election laws, I called Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden. Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden is my “go-to” attorney.

Mayor Aja Brown, City of Compton

My opponents attempted to disqualify me in my race for city council, claiming a legal technicality. Time was closing in on me. I hired Pam and she stayed up all night researching the relevant legal issues. Pam got to the bottom of the issue and proved they were incorrect in their legal assessment. I not only got to stay in the race, but I now serve as a city councilmember. I won!

Larry Spicer, Monrovia City Councilman

Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden saved me a ton of money and stress! In my divorce, when I tried to represent myself, my ex got a default judgment against me! Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden jumped right in and got the default judgment vacated so that she could fight for me to pay a FAIR amount of spousal support and child support. In anger and emotion, I wanted to take my ex through a trial, but when Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden helped me settle my case rather than racking up hourly attorney fees for herself in a long, drawn-out, emotional trial, she showed me she cared more about my well-being than making money. I’m so glad I chose Pam to represent me. She saved me from myself.

Tim H., School Principal

When I first saw Pam Dansby-Darden in action, I was a juror on one of her murder trials. I was very impressed with her presentation. After seeing the way she tore the officers’ testimony to pieces, her compassion for her client, and her determination to prove his innocence, I hired Pam Dansby-Darden to represent me when I was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Karen V., Senior Payroll Administrator

From the first time we spoke, I knew right away that Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden was the person I wanted to handle my legal matters. She was honest, sincere, and maintained an open communication every step of the way throughout my legal matters. Attorney Pam Dansby-Darden is very competitive in the courtroom. She made me feel like she was fighting for a member of her family and she exploited every opportunity to ensure my freedom. She really cares about her clients and their situation. Pam got my cases dismissed, so I never even had the stress of going to trial or, even worse, losing my job or going to prison! Pam Dansby-Darden is the only lawyer I need to call. She is definitely the best attorney out there!

Kevin M., Educator

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